Book Reviews

Why bother with books and audio programmes?

Because they’re an easily accessible source of motivating ideas, strategies and tips.  I’ve read all the books in the bookstore on this site, tried out the ideas, and then improved, refined and developed the best ones.  I’ve then added them to my online training programmes.  So if you’re not inclined to read the books, you don’t have to.  But if you do make the time, I think you’ll not only enjoy them, but also find some of them quite exciting.  They can open a whole new world of possibilities.

How do I find the time?

By using time that would otherwise be wasted.  For example, if you download an audio book onto a smartphone, you can listen to it in the queue at the supermarket, when you’re traveling, or even when you’re walking the dog.  Its a bit harder with a cat but still possible.

Where are the book reviews?

If you hover your pointer over the Book Review tab on the black menu bar at the top of this page, a drop down list will appear.  Just click on the book in the list that takes your fancy.  Having said that, because I’ve only just started writing book reviews, literally today, there’s currently just one review.  I will be adding to this.

And in the meantime?

You can of course see other peoples comments by clicking on the book on the Bookstore page.  This will bring up a summary of the book and reviews that readers have put on the Amazon site.