About Peter

Hi this Peter Tattersall

I set up Tattersall Training 20 years ago and, together with my team, I’ve trained thousands of people. Including child protection managers, customer service managers, doctors, engineers, hospice managers, nurses, probation officers, project managers, quality assurance managers, school receptionists, teachers, and retail shop managers to name a few.  So who ever you are and whatever you do, my time management skills will benefit you too – see the testimonials page.

I’ve learned a lot about different organisational cultures.  That’s because I’ve worked with high street names like Pret A Manger through to engineering firms like Stannah Lifts.  A long list of third sector organisations from Greenpeace through to Oxfam and UNICEF.  And local councils from Durham in north east England through to Brighton and Hove City Council on the south coast of England.   This means that whatever organisational culture you work in, you will find my practical, no-nonsense training immediately usable in your workplace.  Skills that people tell me they’ve used very successfully at home too!

All time favourite

I ‘ve led training courses in very many different things, but my all time favourite is time management.   Why?  Because when I first discovered it many years a go I was transformed.  From an unorganised pessimist into a better organised and much more optimistic person.  The idea that I could take charge of my work and my life was a completely new concept to me.  My parents had given me intermediate skills in hopelessness and futility, so when I found a new sets of beliefs and skills I was in seventh heaven.  It wasn’t their fault, they’d just been given the wrong information.  And best of all, it’s with the time management skills that I learned, tested and improved, that I was able to set up and run my own company.  From the worst of all beginnings. (See My Story below)

The art of happiness

I was very struck by what the Dalia Lama had to say in his book The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World .  He says that the purpose of life is to be happy.  And true happiness comes from giving to other people.  So finding something that I love to do, makes other people very happy, and that I can get paid for doing, is very satisfying.  And the best way for you to learn my time management techniques is to teach them to someone else who would like to learn them.  So feel free to create happiness for yourself and others by teaching them what you’ve learned from me.  But remember to add your own experiences, because that makes it so much more real and authentic.

New Ideas

I love trying new ideas, seeing how they work out for me, and then improving on them.  Only then do I share them with you.  Not many people have got the time to study time management as much as I do.  So I’m very fortunate that its my job and its something I really enjoy.  And with me doing all the research, you don’t have to.  Even if you had the time.   That way I can give you the nuggets that have practical and immediate value.

In the beginning was the end – My Story

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